Solaire Medical Announces Acquisition of InnerSpace® from Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

Solaire Medical is pleased to announce the acquisition of InnerSpace from Stanley Black & Decker, Inc., effective September 28, 2018. The acquisition generated a redesigned line of medical storage products branded as InnerSpace by Solaire Medical.

“Stanley InnerSpace is a long-established business with a strong brand presence,” said Solaire Medical President Ben Barber. “Combining the brand recognition of InnerSpace with the innovative, best-in-class design of Solaire Medical products brought us to a redesigned new product line that we call InnerSpace by Solaire Medical.”

The InnerSpace by Solaire Medical portfolio reflects not only innovations introduced through InnerSpace, but also new innovations in materials and manufacturing processes introduced by Solaire Medical. The result is a high-quality, highly flexible medical storage product portfolio.

Solaire Medical and the InnerSpace portfolio will be supported through the combined energy and expertise of the two companies and a robust team of salespeople, storage consultants and service representatives. The Solaire Medical team has increased by 50 employees. All are dedicated to creating value for customers by improving the organization of medical equipment and supplies as well as the efficiency of staff.

“The acquisition brings the expertise and resources of design, manufacturing, customer service and sales into one organization,” says Solaire Medical President Ben Barber. “Our customers will benefit from high-quality products, improved service, reduced lead times and the support of long-held knowledge from leaders in the medical storage business.

“We look forward to growing our business and our product offering.”

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