Healthmark Industries Celebrates 50th Year Anniversary

Healthmark Industries, a family-owned healthcare supplier located in Fraser, Michigan, celebrates its 50th year in business in 2019. 

Ralph A. Basile and his wife, Suzanne, established Healthmark in 1969 in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. After a successful career in medical sales, Ralph decided to start his own company. In the early days, Healthmark was operated out of the family home, for their first-generation products. After a few years of success and growing business, Healthmark moved to its first “real” office on the corner of Mack Avenue and Harvard Road in Grosse Pointe Park. Continued success led to the need for a larger facility, and in 1979 Healthmark moved to a building on 9 Mile between Mack and Jefferson in St. Clair Shores. 

Right from the start, Healthmark operated as a family business. Sons Ralph, Mark, and Steve were among Healthmark’s first “employees,” stamping literature with the company information on a pay-for-piece basis. Ralph jokes that he still has paper cuts from those days. Later on, each of the sons, at different times and with different prior experiences, joined the family business and helped grow it. 

Healthmark’s founder and patriarch, Ralph A. Basile, passed away in 2001 after a battle with cancer. Through the efforts of his wife, three sons, grandchildren, and many loyal employees, the company has continued to grow. 

Healthmark Industries provides innovative and cost-effective products for healthcare customers to meet their sterilization, decontamination, storage, distribution, and security. Today Healthmark continues as a family business to develop innovative solutions to aid healthcare facilities worldwide. Currently the company is run by Ralph and Suzanne’s three sons, Ralph, 

Mark, and Steve, with Suzanne still very much involved. Grandson Daniel Basile and wife, Theresa, recently joined the company, as did granddaughter Ashlynn Basile, continuing Healthmark as a third-generation family business. 

Suzanne Basile reflects fondly on the past and is excited to see what the future brings for Healthmark. “I thank my sons and our wonderful employees who have carried on the legacy of our great company so beautifully, and now it is our grandchildren’s turn to carry Healthmark forward into the future, meeting the needs of our customers as we have always strived to do.” 

Some long- time employees also shared their thoughts. Darrien, Receiving Supervisor with more than 20 years’ experience at the company, describes Healthmark as “A company that has grown from 22 to over 200 employees. A company who supports the medical field with top notch products, and its employees with care and love. I’m proud to be a part of a caring company that strives to be the best in the medical field.” 

Cindy in Collections observes, “It is like having the best of both worlds here. The structure and benefits of a large corporation with the heart and compassion of a small family-owned business.” 

Customer Service Manager Bobbie adds, “You can’t celebrate 50 years without mentioning how it all started – with mom and dad, Mr. Ralph Basile and Mrs. Suzanne Basile! They set the stage with their rules and family values that still hold true today and passed this down to their three sons.” 

Healthmark looks forward to an exciting future with its growing staff and continued expansion of a variety of products and services. After 50 years of service to the healthcare industry, Healthmark continues to adapt to the business needs of its customers. The company has been long known for providing innovative solutions for infection control to healthcare facilities and continues to expand its product line and educational programs. In 2019 Healthmark employs more than 200 people and has recently moved into a 100,000-square-foot headquarters in Fraser, Michigan. 

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