VenSero Acquires Surgical Loaner Tray Management Solution Software Company Tray Check

 Sero Solutions, Inc (“VenSero”), a leading provider of cloud-based surgical vendor coordination and instrument tracking solutions specifically designed for hospitals and vendors, today announced the acquisition of Tray Check, LLC (“Tray Check”), creating a clear leader among US companies in this field. The merger is effective January 1, 2020 and the companies have combined business operations. 

As the two companies work through the final phase of acquisition, VenSero will now offer two standardized platforms, “VenSero” and a “VenSero Lite” version. Both platforms contain a feature-rich admin panel, reporting and data services, as well as a fully functional vendor kiosk for gathering valuable information pertaining to loaner instrumentation. VenSero’s expanded platform offers full integration into many popular existing tracking systems, along with electronic medical records and scheduling systems. 

This most recent acquisition by VenSero demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to advancing loaner surgical tray tracking and increasing compliance by third-party companies providing much needed equipment to healthcare facilities across the US. The overall acquisition strategy is designed to make locating and tracking loaner instrumentation more straightforward for both hospitals and vendors. 

The combined company will be privately held and will operate under the VenSero brand. Tray Check founders Daniel Mastromonaco and Antonio Mastromonaco bring a substantial history of outstanding service in the logistics, data, and tracking processes for loaner surgical instrumentation. Principal partners leading both organizations will be working diligently to advance the platform with the highest industry standards. 

“Today we celebrate a new milestone as we formally merged with the VenSero team, combining our software with our highly-regarded peer,” said Antonio Mastromonaco, co-founder of Tray Check. “During this process, we drew on our combined 40 years of experience to develop a selection of packages available to customers. VenSero now provides the most complete solution for vendor tray management in healthcare facilities large and small.” 

VenSero prides themselves on excellent customer service, and a long-term strategy to provide the country’s leading solution for vendor tray management. This improves processes for both third-party vendors and healthcare facilities, allowing them to save valuable time and money, as well as keep better control of their inventory and assets. For more information please visit