Trey Mancini Photographed by Michael Avedon for ESPN Wardrobe styling by Raven Roberts Grooming by Anita Bahramy/T•H•E Artist Agency Style credits: Look 1 Suit: Calvin Klein T-Shirt: Banana Republic Look 2: Plaid Shirt: Billy Reid T-Shirt: Billy Reid Jeans are Trey’s

Trey Mancini Knocks Colon Cancer Out of the Park

ESPN’s Cover Story covers Trey Mancini’s incredible fight to overcome stage 3 colon cancer and how he is getting back to playing baseball at a high level in 2021, including being invited to take part in the All-Star Game Home Run Derby and finishing second. “Cancer doesn’t consume you. It doesn’t have to define you. And I wanted to prove that I’m the same guy that I was before the diagnosis, before the chemotherapy, before everything. I wanted to show people that you can go through hell and go on to live a normal life afterwards.”

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