VIA® procedure kits line extensions

STERIS | US Endoscopy, a leader in endoscopy device design and manufacturing, is proud to expand our VIA® procedure kits portfolio with two new offerings. The new procedure kit configurations are designed to simplify ordering, decrease room setup and turnover time and offer a unique mix of supplies including our newest infection prevention product – the BioGuard® air/water cleaning adapter – Olympus.

The BioGuard® air/water cleaning adapter – Olympus is designed to flush the air/water channel during the bedside pre-cleaning process. The new air/water adapter is disposable, offering an alternative option for manual reprocessing and the need to be tracked with a specific endoscope. These two additional kit options join our extensive line of VIA® procedure kits, custom kits, compliance kits, and sponges – additional information on the full portfolio can be found at

“STERIS | US Endoscopy has seen an increase in Customer requests for additional kitting options that include more of our infection prevention products,” says Tony Siracusa, Vice President and General Manager of STERIS | US Endoscopy. “We are committed to expanding our portfolio and delivering solutions that help support our Customers’ practices as facilities continue to focus on workflow efficiencies and patient safety.”

For more information, call: 1-800-769-8226