STERIS | US Endoscopy announces full market release of the Roth Net® retriever – 360

STERIS | US Endoscopy, a leader in endoscopy device design and manufacturing, announces the release of the Roth Net® retriever – 360. The newest addition to our extensive Roth Net® retriever portfolio is designed to offer optimal control during retrieval of the most challenging polyp, foreign body and food bolus endoscopy procedures.

Tissue and foreign body endoscopic retrieval can often be challenging and time consuming for clinicians. The new Roth Net® retriever – 360 helps to address these challenges by featuring a new spade shaped snare form and alternative net weave for durability and strength needed throughout these procedures. The innovative retrieval net also offers 360-degree, one-to-one rotation allowing for controlled net placement and alignment even when in tortuous anatomy or a retroflexed position.

“For over 25 years, STERIS | US Endoscopy has led the innovation and development of unique solutions for foreign body and polyp retrieval,” says Tony Siracusa, Vice President and General Manager of

STERIS | US Endoscopy. “As a trusted partner amongst our Customers, we are excited to introduce the innovative Roth Net® retriever – 360 offering best-in-class features. In addition to our broad portfolio of products, we are committed to providing education and in-servicing to ensure our Customers are well prepared for these situations.”

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