New Testing for Leak Testers

Healthmark Industries is delighted to introduce the Leak Tester Tester to its Endoscopy product line. Testing your facilities endoscope leak tester prior to use is a vital and necessary step to ensure leak testing demonstrates accurate results, which is why we’ve created the Leak Tester Tester. 

Designed to validate the accuracy of air pressure provided by automated and handheld endoscope leakage testers, the Leak Tester Tester assists healthcare workers in the reprocessing areas their endoscope leak tester is working properly by testing the functionality of the pump and the connector for leaks prior to using. The Leak Tester Tester assists in reducing the potential for cross-contamination, damage and costly repairs that result from using an endoscope with leaks. Manufactured from stainless steel, the testers come in a package of four or can be purchased separately and are offered for the following leak testers: the Olympus automated leak tester, the Olympus handheld tester, the Pentax handheld tester, and the Karl Storz handheld tester. Simply attach the desired leak tester to your facilities endoscope leak tester, turn it on or pressurize the bulb, and read the pressure on the gauge, which gives a quick and objective result of the amount of air being expelled from leak testers and air pumps. 

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