New Terragene® Auto-Reader Incubator and Biological Indicators

Healthmark Industries has announced that they are now adding the Terragene® Auto-Reader Incubator and Biological Indicators to their Sterilization product line. 

Designed for the incubation and readout of biological indicators for steam sterilization process control, the Auto-Reader Incubator allows for rapid detection of positive and negative biological indicators for one hour at 140ºF to determine whether a sterilization process has been successful or not. 

The Terragene® Auto-Reader Incubator has a height of 18 cm, diameter of 26 cm and is manufactured with 12 metal positions (3.8 cm depth, 0.9 cm diameter) for incubation. The dual temperature system has the option for the user to select between two different incubation temperatures of 37 ºC or 60 ºC. The Auto-Reader Incubator has a feature to allows facilities to run different incubation times simultaneously. 

Equipped with a readout system and a printer to record the results, the Auto-Reader Incubator has the ability for automatic detection and cancelation of biological indicator fluorescence reading. In addition, the auto-reader can be connected to computers by USB. This allows linking the results with the Terragene® Bionova® Traceability Software for automatic reading and traceability of biological indicators. 

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