New Shaver Leak Tester

Healthmark Industries is excited to announce the addition of the Shaver Leak Tester to its ProSys™ Instrument Care product line. 

The Shaver Leak Tester is specifically designed for pressure testing arthroscopic shavers in order to help identify leaks caused by failing seals. These seals degrade over time from repeated use and processing. The Shaver Leak Tester includes both a hand pump to apply pressure and a testing stop, made from polypropylene to create a temporarily closed system within the fluid pathway of the shaver to pressure test for leaks. Utilizing positive pressure, the user can determine if the internal seals are failing and the shaver needs to be sent out for repair. 

The Shaver Leak Tester helps in reducing the potential for cross-contamination, damage and costly repairs that result from using a shaver with leaks. 

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