New COVID-19 Signs

Healthmark has launched new customized signs to help healthcare facilities communicate important messages during this challenging time. 

In order to encourage and remind individuals of necessary steps to practice during this pandemic, Healthmark released COVID-19 Floor Signs. These signs have been designed to catch the attention of healthcare workers and visitors. There are a variety of designs for specific purposes, from labeling an area that is in quarantine, to a reminder to practice safe social distancing, to instructing personnel to don the proper PPE. Our COVID-19 Floor Signs have high visibility, can handle heavy foot traffic but are semi-adhesive for convenient removal. 

Additionally, released in concert are the COVID-19 Wall Signs. The different wall sign options serve as reminders to personnel to wash hands, practice safe social distancing, don the proper PPE or to alert personnel of a quarantine area. Healthmark can also design and produce custom signs to meet the individual needs of facilities. 

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