Healthmark Offers New EndoDolly™

 Healthmark Industries is pleased to announce the new EndoDolly™ to their Endoscope Product Line. 

Manufactured from stainless steel, the EndoDolly™ is designed for hanging scopes and stands on a five-wheel locking base for ease of transportation. The EndoDolly™ is equipped with 3 self-adjusting extension poles that can be individually raised by simply touching a pressure button, which allows the user to extend the 2 outside poles to 8 feet and the middle pole to 10 feet. Located at the top of each pole is a lock-tight hook holder that can accommodate two scopes per pole and supports flexible scopes up to 15 lbs. per pole. Each self-adjusting pole comes with polycarbonate cups that allow for the scope tip to be placed in during transportation, storage, or quality assurance testing. 

Visit or call 800-521-6224 for more information.