BioGuard® air/water cleaning adapter – Olympus

STERIS | US Endoscopy, a leader in endoscopy device design and manufacturing, announces the release of the BioGuard® air/water cleaning adapter – Olympus. The new cleaning adapter is designed specifically for Olympus GI endoscopes*, offering a single-use option that clears the air/water channel during the bedside pre-cleaning process.

The endoscope bedside pre-cleaning process, for which the BioGuard® air/water cleaning adapter – Olympus has been specifically designed, is critical in helping to remove any debris from the air/water channels that are not manually brushed during the cleaning step of the reprocessing cycle. The new air/water cleaning adapter is disposable, providing an alternative option to manual reprocessing and the need to be tracked with a specific endoscope. The unique appearance and attached warning tag help prevent use during patient procedures.

“The BioGuard® air/water cleaning adapter – Olympus provides a differentiated solution for our Olympus Customers who are looking for a disposable option,” says Tony Siracusa, Vice President and General Manager of US Endoscopy. “This addition to our BioGuard® valve portfolio reiterates our commitment to delivering solutions that address unmet needs in the market, support industry guidelines and improve patient care.”

*Compatible with Olympus GI endoscopes, excluding EUS echoendoscopes that utilize a balloon channel.

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