Window Style Tip Protector

Healthmark Industries has announced the new Window Style Tip Protector to their ProSys™ Instrument Care product line. Certain medical devices and instruments are a bit more delicate than others, and thus require equally delicate care and reprocessing practices.

The single-use Window Style Tip Protector is designed for protection of small sharp and fragile surgical instruments during the sterilization process. Manufactured from paper, the 50 x 125 mm Window Style Tip Protectors come with a 32mm wide slot for placement of instruments and features a transparent polyethylene pouch that secures the tip of the instrument in place to prevent from sliding around or out. The Window Style Tip Protectors are heat resistant up to 275˚ F and available for purchase in a box of 100.

Visit or call 1-800-521-6224 for more information.