12 Day Indicator

Healthmark Industries is excited to announce the 12 Day IndicatorHangtime Label to its Endoscopy product line.

Designed as a visual reminder for healthcare workers, the label features a twelve-day elapsed time indicator adhered to a blue 8.5 x 2.5-inch self-looping hangtime label, allowing for quick and ongoing observable clarification of how long it’s been since an endoscope has been reprocessed. The label allows staff to document critical information including the scope serial number and healthcare worker initials, as well as the date and time the indicator was activated.

No preconditioning is required, there are no moving parts, and there is no power source. To activate the indicator, firmly press the blister on the strip, and upon activation a safe dye migrates along a twelve-day display run-out window, which shows elapsed time (Accurate to within +/- 10%.).

Additionally, Healthmark Industries offers the related products, including the 1 Hour and 7 Day Indicator Hangtime Labels: “HTK-1H” (One Hour Indicator) and “HTK-7D2” (7 Day Indicator Hangtime Label).

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