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Single-Use Instrument Tube Brushes

Healthmark is pleased to announce the addition of the Instrument Tube Brushes to its ProSys™ instrument care product line.  Designed as single-use brushes, the Instrument Tube Brushes assist with the cleaning of internal lumens and channels of various sizes. Manufactured to facilitate maximum cleaning performance while ensuring compatibility with the channels of cannulated items, the nylon bristle brush tips connect ...

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US Endoscopy announces full market release of the Torrent™ irrigation pump

US Endoscopy, a leader in endoscopy device design and manufacturing, announces the release of the Torrent™ irrigation pump. The new Torrent™ irrigation pump completes the existing line of Torrent® irrigation solutions (including the 24-hour Torrent® irrigation tubing and single-patient use scope connectors) and is designed for endoscopic irrigation in conjunction with an endoscope water jet and working channels.   Irrigation ...

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Swanky Athletic Socks

Healthmark is pleased to announce the addition of Swanky Athletic Socks to its Personal Protection Equipment accessory product line. Energize your tired legs with our fashionable and comfortable Swanky Athletic Socks that deliver controlled pressure from ankle to calf for better blood flow throughout the lower leg. Designed to enhance circulation the Swanky Athletic Socks provide support, help relieve foot ...

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Fine Mesh Basket with Snap-Closure

Healthmark Industries is pleased to announce the addition of the Fine Mesh Basket with Snap-Closure to its ProTech® product line. Manufactured from stainless steel, the Fine Mesh Basket with Snap-Closure is 105 x 70 x 25 mm and ideal for safely washing small items that often get lost in instrument washers. The small perforations ensure effective water penetration during reprocessing. ...

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ProFormance™ QA Updated and Available Online

Healthmark is pleased to announce an updated version of ProFormace™ QA 2.1 software that is now available as a cloud-based application.  ProFormance™ QA 2.1 is a secure database that allows you to record key statistics for the performance of your decontamination procedures, including the test results from Healthmark’s ProFormance™ line of monitoring products. With this web-based application you can record data, use the ...

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