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Healthmark Offers New EndoDolly™

 Healthmark Industries is pleased to announce the new EndoDolly™ to their Endoscope Product Line.  Manufactured from stainless steel, the EndoDolly™ is designed for hanging scopes and stands on a five-wheel locking base for ease of transportation. The EndoDolly™ is equipped with 3 self-adjusting extension poles that can be individually raised by simply touching a pressure button, which allows the user ...

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Key Surgical LLC, a leading global provider of sterile processing, operating room, and endoscopy supplies, announces the addition of an enzymatic detergent and a pre-cleaning solution from Dr. Weigert, the leading authority in Europe for medical decontamination chemistries. With the new additions, Key Surgical continues to offer a comprehensive portfolio to hospitals and surgery centers for manual cleaning, disinfection, and ...

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Flexible Inspection Scope

Healthmark is pleased to announce the newest Flexible Inspection Scope added to their Prosys Optical Inspection product line, the FIS-006.  Designed to inspect internal channels of 1.3mm in diameter or larger, the FIS-006 is the ideal tool to visually inspect the internal channels of potentially soiled or damaged item. The flexible inspection scope is 1.18mm in diameter, equipped with a ...

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Latex Free Scissor Tests

Healthmark Industries is delighted to introduce the Latex Free Scissor Test to its ProSys™ Instrument Care product line. Manufactured from synthetic elastomer, the Latex Free Scissor Test is a tool to test the sharpness of scissors. The Latex-Free Scissor Test is a 4.5-inch wide 6-yard roll that is offered in the colors of yellow or red. The yellow roll is .312 ...

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New Testing for Leak Testers

Healthmark Industries is delighted to introduce the Leak Tester Tester to its Endoscopy product line. Testing your facilities endoscope leak tester prior to use is a vital and necessary step to ensure leak testing demonstrates accurate results, which is why we’ve created the Leak Tester Tester.  Designed to validate the accuracy of air pressure provided by automated and handheld endoscope ...

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