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Tamper Evident Probe Cover

Probe Cover

Healthmark is pleased to announce the addition of the Tamper Evident Probe Cover to their Bags & Dust Covers product line.  This cover is designed to keep probes covered to reduce the risk of contamination from the environment during transportation and storage. The 3 Mil single-use 14 x 4.5-inch Tamper Evident Probe Cover is manufactured from low density polyethylene, latex-free ...

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New LED Interchangeable Magnifier

Healthmark Industries has announced the addition of the LED Interchangeable Magnifier to its ProSysTM Instrument Care product line. Designed for items to be optically inspected, the LED Interchangeable Magnifier is manufactured with an interchangeable 5-diopter glass lens that has a 2.25x magnification, 360 rotatable lamp head and a fully enclosed spring balanced arm to prevent pinching hazards. Equipped with 64 ...

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New Heart of the Hospital Socks Offered by Healthmark

Healthmark Industries is pleased to announce the new Heart of the Hospital socks to its Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) line.  Manufactured in America from 80% Acrylic, 20% Nylon and 10% elastic, the Heart of the Hospital socks are designed to honor CS professionals during Central Service Week and all year long. It is the tireless efforts of these unsung heroes ...

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Healthmark Introduces Two New Cleaning Brushes to its ProSys™ Instrument Care product line

Healthmark Industries is pleased to announce the addition of two new brushes to their ProSys™ Instrument Care product line.  Designed for cleaning instruments prior to further processing, these reusable brushes are manufactured with nylon bristles that adhere to a contoured plastic handle. These brushes are used in conjunction with a suitable cleaning solution that assist healthcare workers in the initial ...

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Healthmark Offers New Scope Sleeve to Endoscopy Product Line

Healthmark Industries is delighted to introduce the Scope Sleeves to its Endoscopy product line. Manufactured of material comprised of 80% cellulose and 20% polypropylene, the single-use Scope Sleeves are designed to cover and protect insertion tubes after reprocessing, during transportation and storage. Open on both ends, the non-linting Scope Sleeves are made of an absorbent material that also provides a ...

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