Partnership Creates Massive Repository of Gastroenterology Real-World Clinical Data

PALO ALTO, California—Lynx.MD recently announced a partnership with Gastro Health (a U.S. medical group specializing in digestive and liver health) to create an extensive repository of real-world clinical data in the gastroenterology space for research and development of new GI solutions. Gastro Health will use the Lynx platform across its practices to support research and development of GI-specific digital tools to support outstanding medical care.

The partnership will create repositories of structured and unstructured GI-related medical datasets and will provide researchers with the data they need to improve outcomes for gastrointestinal patients globally. The Lynx platform provides advanced firewall algorithms and the application of medical-grade cybersecurity protection protocols, enabling partners to securely use de-identified, real-world data.

Gastro Health maintains full control of what data is anonymized, and when and with whom data is shared. The actual data never leaves Gastro Health’s private cloud environment. Researchers receive secure permissioned access to perform large-scale computations, modeling and analysis within the platform.

“At Gastro Health we understand that harnessing the power of data and modern computing can support the delivery of transformational tools and insights to support clinicians and inform the delivery of the best possible patient care,” said Rich Weissmark, senior vice president of strategic operations at Gastro Health. “We selected Lynx.MD’s medical intelligence platform to achieve efficiencies across our data network and for the possibilities it opens up to safely and securely collaborate with healthcare partners across the continuum of care to provide preventative and predictive medicine.”

The fundamental business model of gastroenterology has changed dramatically in the last few years, according to Dr. John Allen, former chair of the American Gastroenterological Association and professor at the University of Michigan. Allen is an advisory board member at Lynx.MD.

“Both practice consolidation and advances in health IT provide opportunities to analyze the value gastroenterologists provide to our patients,” Allen said. “Gastro Health is a large, multi-state GI practice where patients’ health journeys are documented in a single electronic medical record. They have partnered with Lynx.MD—whose technology enables secure data extractions and sorting from multiple clinical and administrative databases, and conversion into robust information—to gain insight into the longitudinal impact of care and enable improved point-of-care decision support.”

Creating one of the richest repositories of gastroenterology clinical data with Gastro Health opens up millions of data points for life-changing research, said Omer Dror, CEO and co-founder of Lynx.MD.

“Over three million people in the U.S. suffer from IBD, and the CDC estimates that up to 15% [of American adults] suffer from IBS,” Dror said. “Access to real-world data will advance the development of new therapeutics and treatments that can change the quality of patients’ lives.”

The collaboration will provide Gastro Health with deep, data-informed insights to achieve value-based care goals and will help realize the largest secure, privacy-compliant, real-world GI dataset for researchers around the world.

Lynx.MD is the leading cloud-based platform that unlocks real-world health data at scale. The platform enables the sharing and analysis of rich, unstructured data, securely connecting healthcare organizations with the life sciences and MedTech community.