Introducing IAHCSMM’s New Endoscope Reprocessing Manual

IAHCSMM’s new 15-chapter manual serves as a valuable education tool and resource for endoscope reprocessing managers and technicians. Manual, workbook and boxed courses new available for sale!

The 1st Edition Boxed Course includes the Endoscope Reprocessing Manual and the Workbook. The purpose of the manual is to provide information that enhances the knowledge of those responsible for reprocessing endoscopes and those who manage that process.

This manual will assist readers in learning the science behind the discipline, as well as the why’s and how’s of endoscope reprocessing tasks. That knowledge will help those working in the discipline to succeed on the job and keep quality and patient safety at the forefront of every process.

Some of the important topics addressed include:

  • Regulations, Standards and Resources
  • Point-of-Use Cleaning, Transport and Leak Testing
  • Cleaning Processes for Flexible Endoscopes
  • Endoscope Inspection and Preparation
  • High-Level Disinfection and Sterilization processes for Flexible Endoscopes
  • Endoscope Handling, Storage and Transport

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Ordering Endoscope Course Materials 

IAHCSMM is now accepting orders for the Endoscope Reprocessing Manual, Workbook and combined Manual/Workbook Boxed Courses.  Shipments will begin early August, 2017.

Boxed Course Pricing:

$120- IAHCSMM Members
$140- Non-Members

Includes 1st Edition Endoscope Reprocessing Manual plus the workbook (which contains practice questions, review quizzes, progress tests and answer keys).

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Textbook Only Pricing:

$80- IAHCSMM Members
$90 – Non-Members

Includes only the 1st Edition Endoscope Reprocessing Manual.  Workbook, review quizzes, answer keys and progress tests not included.

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Workbook Only Pricing:

$50- IAHCSMM Members
$60- Non-Members

Includes only the 1st Edition Endoscope Reprocessing Workbook, review quizzes, review quiz answer keys and progress tests (progress tests are studied open-book style). Textbook not included.

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