Healthmark Industries COVID-19 Readiness

 We at Healthmark recognize the important role our company plays in providing essential products and services to aid healthcare professional’s delivering safe and effective care to their patients while protecting themselves from potential infection. The health and well-being of our valued customers, employees, supplies, neighbors and the community are always a top priority. As we navigate the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation together, I want to ensure you that Healthmark is taking extra precautions to meet the challenge of this difficult situation. 

As a manufacturer and supplier of infection control products, Healthmark has an important role in helping to protect healthcare workers, patients and the community at large. We manufacturer and supply products that are important tools in this regard: 

  • Personal protection equipment: including face shields, gowns, gloves, head covers, shoe covers, containment devices for transport of contaminated items and labeling products to indicate items that are contaminated and those that have been cleaned, disinfected and sterilized. 
  • Sterile barrier products, including pouches, trays, indicators and related products to facilitate the sterilization of patient-used medical devices. 
  • Chemical reagent products, challenge devices, and other products to help determine if the processes for cleaning patient-used healthcare products to flag if the professes have not been effective. 
  • Products, including brushes, wipes and other items, used to clean healthcare products after patient use. 

Healthmark takes its corporate responsibility very seriously. We are proud that many of these products are, in fact, manufactured in the United States, including at our facilities in Fraser, Michigan. We are committed to delivering these important tools to the healthcare industry and aid healthcare professionals in delivering vital, quality care. As part of that responsibility is taking the needed steps to keep our employees safe and healthy and continue to operate without interruption to deliver these significant products to the healthcare industry. 


Mark Basile
President, Healthmark Industries