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Fujifilm unveiled eight new endoscopes at ACG 2019

FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA Inc.- Endoscopy, a division of the Fujifilm Healthcare portfolio, will unveiled eight new endoscopes as well as exhibit its comprehensive suite of endoscopic imaging solutions at the American College of Gastroenterology’s Annual Meeting (ACG). The event took place October 27-29 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX.

ED-580XT Duodenoscope: The ED-580XT Duodenoscope features a removable single use distal end cap which provides access to the elevator for manual cleaning. The ED-580XT Duodenoscope combines optimal visual orientation with exceptional maneuverability and control, helping to achieve cannulation efficiently while keeping the focus on diagnosis and therapy even in the most challenging Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography (ERCP) procedures. The new design incorporates a smooth working channel and guidewire lock delivering efficient device advancement and exchange. Fujifilm recently concluded its ED-580XT limited market evaluation (LME). In clinical use at multiple facilities, the ED-580XT received positive feedback from physicians who complimented the scope’s image quality, ease of advancements of large diameter devices, and performance and impressive wire locking mechanism. Fujifilm received 510(K) clearance for the ED-580XT in the spring, and the product is now commercially available.

EI-580BT Short Double Balloon Endoscope: Fujifilm pioneered double-balloon endoscopy, which enabled access to tortuous anatomy such as the intestine.  With the addition of the EI-580BT Short Double Balloon Endoscope, Fujifilm adds to its portfolio with an impressive new tool that has a working length of 155 cm and working channel diameter of 3.2 mm, allowing access in altered anatomy. It also maintains an instrument channel length and diameter that accommodates the use of standard devices.  Fujifilm received 510(k) clearance for the EI-580BT in the summer, and the product is now commercially available.

EC-760P-V/L and EC-760S-V/L Colonoscopes, EG-760CT and EG-740N Gastroscopes: Fujifilm has added these four new 700 Series endoscopes to its Core GI portfolio.  Now, the 700 Series portfolio is fully equipped with Ultra-Slim, Standard, Zoom, and Therapeutic gastroscopes and Slim, Adult, Standard and Zoom colonoscopes. The 700 Series scopes offer a unique combination of visualization, access, comfort, and control that together create an unparalleled experience in the endoscopy suite. Designed for use with the company’s ELUXEO endoscopic imaging platform, Fujifilm’s 700 Series endoscopes are compatible with Linked Color Imaging (LCI) and Blue Light Imaging (BLI) and are engineered to enable physicians to achieve advanced visualization in image-enhanced endoscopy. Fujifilm expects these four new scopes to be commercially available in November 2019.

EG-580UT and EG-580UR Endoscopic Ultrasonic Scopes: Fujifilm’s Endoscopic Ultrasound solutions are equipped with a high resolution Super CCD image sensor which ensures sensitive and high quality images and are utilized in conjunction with the SU-1 Ultrasound Processor, which is a user-friendly compact device that is incorporated into the Eluxeo tower for space saving convenience.  The EG-580UT Curved Linear EUS scope is designed with a small bending radius and short rigid section to enable easy access to targeted areas.  A wide puncture range enables FNA/FNB from a variety of positions to achieve broader accessibility. The EG-580UR Radial EUS scope is equipped with a slim distal end diameter, round tip design and a direct forward view for insertion into narrow lumens as in standard gastroscopic procedures.  An upward bending capability of 190o allows the endoscopic Ultrasound scope to be operated almost in the same way as a standard gastroscope.  The EG-580UT and EG-580UR received 510(K) clearance in September and are expected to be commercially available this winter.

Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (ESD): These devices are designed for use with compatible endoscopes to aid clinicians in performing effective ESD interventions within the digestive tract. ClutchCutter is a rotatable forceps, FlushKnife a versatile and efficient diathermic slitter, and ST Hood Short Type are intended to maintain field of view during endoscopic procedures such as mucosal resection or ESD.

Source: FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA Inc.