Endoscopy center in Kenya in urgent need of scopes and other supplies

Tenwek Hospital, a 300-bed mission hospital in Kenya, has an urgent need for ERCP scopes, since much of the hospital’s current inventory in need of repairs. Doctors are unable to perform or teach this procedure and have a vital need for donation or purchase of Olympus 160 ERCP scopes and other scopes to expand their services.

In total, the hospital immediately needs one TJF duodenoscope, two gastroscopes, one pediatric gastroscope, one double channel therapeutic scope and one colonoscope.

If you are in the process of upgrading scopes, please consider reaching out to the Friends of Tenwek (FOT), a U.S.-based non-profit organization dedicated to developing key relationships and resources that help Tenwek fulfill its mission. Olympus 160 scopes can be easily donated or sold to Tenwek through FOT. The charity can be reached through Jeffrey Hallett, MD, at http://friendsoftenwek.org/endoscopy-gastroenterology-program/ or jeffreyhallett@ymail.com.

In addition, the hospital could use donations of packaged expired (unopened) endoscopy supplies including sphincterotomes (please see list below). One donated sphincterotome reduced the cost of the procedure by $140, equivalent to an average Kenyan’s monthly income. These savings are passed directly to the patient at the non-profit, fee-for-service mission hospital. They can also be donated through FOT.

General supplies

  1. Variceal banding kits
  2. Resolution clips
  3. Pediatric Biopsy forceps
  4. Through the scope esophageal/pyloric/colonic balloons 6/7/8, 8/9/10, 10/11/12, 12/13.5/15- These can be wire-guided or not.
  5. Balloons that pass through a pediatric scope. (I am not aware that these are available, but If so, then we would be interested. Otherwise, we will use a wire guided esophageal/pyloric balloon alongside a peds scope.)
  6. Roth retrieval nets or Spider retrieval nets
  7. Sclerotherapy/injection needle catheters
  8. SPOT tattoo injectant (expiration date later than October 2018)
  9. PEG kits
  10. Expandable esophageal stents

ERCP Supplies

  1. 35 sphincterotomes
  2. 35 Guidewire (long 450cm) prefer “zebra” like stripes
  3. 35 Guidewire (short 250cm) prefer “zebra” like stripes
  4. 35 Long wire (720cm) to use for combined cholangiogram-ERCP procedures
  5. 25 sphincterotomes
  6. 25 Long wire (450cm) prefer “zebra” like stripes
  7. 25 short wire (250cm) prefer “zebra” like stripes
  8. Biliary extraction balloons (15/18 range)
  9. Biliary dilating balloons
  10. Cytology brushes (long or short – ONLY over wire)
  11. Expandable biliary stents
  12. Pancreatic stents
  13. Wire holding devices (for use by the rubber cap, with short wire systems)

Larger items

        Argon Plasma Coagulator unit