New EndoPro-Cam®

Healthmark is pleased to announce the addition of the EndoPro-Cam® to its ProSys™ Optical Inspection product line. 

Designed for evaluating the condition of rigid endoscopes, the EndoPro-Cam® is a portable endoscopic video system providing 1080p high-resolution HD imagining that assists healthcare workers with inspection of their facilities’ rigid scope to check if their device is damaged. 

Manufactured for visual inspection of rigid scopes after cleaning and prior to further processing, the lightweight ergonomic EndoPro-Cam® allows for image capture, recording, and adapts to any C-Mount coupler. Featuring a 4.3 inch LCD monitor, the EndoPro-Cam® is equipped with a Micro SD card slot, Micro USB port, and Mini HDMI port. The EndoPro-Cam® includes a rechargeable Li-ion battery power bank, Micro SD card for storage, and a Mini HDMI cable for secondary monitor usage. Additionally, the EndoPro-Cam® comes with a camera stand that has a test pattern card affixed to it, which allows the user to view the card through their rigid scope to observe a standard test pattern to determine the resolution and color bars to check for dark spots. 

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