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Healthmark Offers the Multi-Purpose Label!

Healthmark Industries has announced the addition of the Multi-Purpose Equipment Label to its Labeling line. It ensures proper labeling for medical equipment to communicate crucial information, addressing one of the many unique challenges healthcare facilities are tasked with daily. The Multi-Purpose Equipment Label was developed as a way to ensure consistency and identify whether medical equipment is either clean, in-use ...

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Healthmark Industries Offers Gown with Thumb Loop

Healthmark Industries has announced the addition of Gown with Thumb Loop to its Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) line.  OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (29 CFR 1910.1030) requires employers to protect workers who are occupationally exposed to blood and other potentially infectious materials, which is why we’ve developed a single-use full frontal barrier gown for healthcare professionals. The Gown features lightweight latex-free ...

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Takeda Launches Wearable Digital Technology Pilot Program to Support Patients and Healthcare Providers with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Management

Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. (“Takeda”), announced the launch of a pilot digital technology program to support patients and physicians with the management of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Digital approaches are being used to develop solutions across many sectors of healthcare, with cutting-edge technology elevating and transforming disease diagnostics, measurement, treatment and more. This program, iBData, is designed to intersect healthcare ...

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Healthmark Offers the Clean Label

Healthmark Industries has announced the addition of the Clean Label to its Labeling line. Manufactured to convey key information to healthcare professionals, the clean label is intended to conceal and cover the bio symbol on SST systems when transporting clean medical instruments. The Clean Label provides effective communication among healthcare professionals in various departments. The label is a 4×4 inch ...

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Healthmark Offers Self-Seal CLEAN Bag

Healthmark Industries has announced the addition of the Self-Seal CLEAN Bag to its Bags & Dust Covers product line. Storing reprocessed medical devices appropriately is crucial to avoid environmental contamination. The new Self-Seal CLEAN Bag has been created to keep items covered after cleaning, disinfection or sterilization. The 6×9 inch tamper evident self-seal bags are clear and printed with “CLEAN” ...

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