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Hanging Tag

Healthmark Industries announced that the new Hanging Tag addition to their labeling product line. Manufactured to be used with container systems, the white colored tag is 3.5 x 1.9 x 0.78 inches. The Hanging Tag features an ideal surface for barcode labels. Simply slide the tamper evident seal through cross-slot and affix to the container. The Hanging Tags are single-use, ...

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Pop-Up Tray Corners

Healthmark Industries has announced the addition of Pop-Up Corner Card to its Sterilization packaging product line. Designed to protect wrapped trays from punctures or tears caused by sharp corners or feet, the 4 x 4 x 2 In. Pop-Up Corner Card simply pops up for easy assembly and fits most trays or baskets. Manufactured from a white rigid paper carton, ...

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Support Yourself with The Adjustable Back Brace with Thermo-Pad

Healthmark has announced that they have added the Adjustable Back Brace with Thermo-Pad to its Personal Protection Equipment accessory product line. Designed to provide lower-back support for healthcare professionals on the move, the Adjustable Back Brace with Thermo-Pad helps relieve discomfort by stabilizing the sacrum and lower spine. Manufactured from a mixture of polyester, nylon and spandex, the back brace ...

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New Arm Sleeve

Healthmark Industries has announced that they added the new Arm Sleeve to its Personal Protection Equipment accessory product line. AORN guidelines state that arms must be covered when preparing and packaging sterile items in the clean assembly area of sterile processing, which is why Healthmark developed the arm sleeves for healthcare professionals working within the sterilization department. Designed as an ...

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Handheld Multi-Magnifier

Healthmark Industries has announced the addition of the Handheld Multi-Magnifier to their Optical Inspection product line. This unique product features magnifications of 3x 10x, and 55x lenses, five LED lights for illumination and a light switch with four modes, conveniently built into one unit Designed to comply with AAMI ST91 for enhanced visual inspection of flexible endoscopes, the Handheld Multi-Magnifier ...

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