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The One-Hour Indicator

Healthmark Industries is pleased to announce the addition of the One-Hour Indicator to its Endoscopy product line. According to the IFU of popular models of flexible endoscopes, the cleaning of the device must commence within one hour of post-procedure bedside cleaning. Designed to be a visual reminder to healthcare workers, the single-use indicator is a small 19 x 32mm tamper-proof ...

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SonoCheck™ Hook

Healthmark Industries is pleased to announce the addition of the SonoCheck™ Hook to its ProFormance™ Cleaning Verification product line. Manufactured from stainless steel, the SonoCheck™ Hook is designed to keep the SonoCheck™ in position to prevent movement by vibrations, allowing the user to check the different zones of the sonic tank. Simply attach the SonoCheck™ to the hook, insert into ...

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Arm Sleeves for Prep & Pack

Healthmark Industries is pleased to announce the addition of new styles of Arm Sleeves to its Personal Protection Equipment accessory product line. AORN guidelines state that arms must be covered when preparing and packaging items in the clean assembly area of sterile processing, which is why Healthmark developed the arm sleeves for healthcare professionals working within the sterilization department. Designed ...

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Custom Printed Headwear

Healthmark is pleased to announce that the introduction of Custom Printed Headwear to its Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) accessories line. Custom-Printed Disposable Headwear is available in two styles: bouffant caps and scrub caps. Disposable Bouffant Caps are manufactured from latex-free polypropylene fabric and have an elastic headband for a secure and comfortable fit. Disposable Scrub Caps are manufactured from spunlace ...

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Sterile Wipes

Designed to dry endoscopes and associated equipment per manufacturer’s IFUs after manual high-level disinfection, after removal from an automated endoscope reprocessor (AER), to cover the distal tip of the endoscope during alcohol/air flush, or to dry the basin and connectors of an AER, the 9” x 9” Sterile Wipes are manufactured from a synergistic blend of virgin polyester and cellulose ...

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