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New Testing for Leak Testers

Healthmark Industries is delighted to introduce the Leak Tester Tester to its Endoscopy product line. Testing your facilities endoscope leak tester prior to use is a vital and necessary step to ensure leak testing demonstrates accurate results, which is why we’ve created the Leak Tester Tester.  Designed to validate the accuracy of air pressure provided by automated and handheld endoscope ...

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Insulation Tester

Healthmark Industries is delighted to introduce the Insulation Tester with optional Bi-Polar fixture to its ProSys™ Instrument Care product line.  Designed for electrically testing electrosurgical instruments, the low frequency high voltage Insulation Tester is used to detect and locate defects such as pinholes, cracks and bare spots in the jacket or coating of laparoscopic and bi-polar electrosurgical instruments. The Insulation ...

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Glove Box Dispenser

Healthmark Industries is delighted to introduce the Glove Box Dispenser for Xtra Long Gloves (16”) to its Personal Protection Equipment product line.  Manufactured from clear PETG Plastic-Copolyester resin, the Glove Box Dispenser is designed for boxed disposable glove storage, made to withstand heavy-duty applications and handling, as well as reduce losses due to breakage.  The Glove Box Dispensers are offered ...

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Centra™ disposable biopsy forceps

STERIS | US Endoscopy, a leader in endoscopy device design and manufacturing, announces the release of the Centra™ disposable biopsy forceps. The Centra biopsy forceps are a complementary addition to the STERIS | US Endoscopy portfolio of polypectomy and tissue acquisition solutions designed to address a variety of clinical needs. Through a distribution agreement, STERIS | US Endoscopy will distribute ...

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Dri-Scope Aid®Jet~Stream with Increased Flow

TRICOR Systems Inc. Launches Dri-Scope Aid®Jet~Stream with Increased Flow Dri-Scope Aid®Jet~Stream Assists in the Drying of the Internal Channels of an Endoscope.  Elgin, IL – SGNA Standards of Infection Control in Reprocessing of Flexible Gastrointestinal Endoscopes states: “Drying the endoscope after every reprocessing cycle, both between patient procedures and before storage, is a requisite practice crucial to the prevention of ...

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