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Healthmark Offers New Solutions for Wrapped Trays

Healthmark Industries has announced they are now offering Gorilla BagsTM as a new solution to help protect wrapped trays. Made from spun polypropylene, the Gorilla BagsTM have a high tensile strength and are used as an outer protective layer applied over the standard hospital barrier packaging. The physical properties of the material offer increased resistance to tearing and splitting during ...

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Healthmark Industries has announced the addition of the new Self-Seal CLEAN Bag to its Bags & Dust Covers product line. Storing reprocessed healthcare products appropriately is crucial to avoid environmental contamination. The new Self-Seal CLEAN Bag has been created to keep items covered after reprocessing. The 8” x 14” tamper evident self-seal bags are clear and printed with “CLEAN” in ...

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Magnetic Mat Provides Additional Safety and Security

Healthmark has announced that they are offering a new Magnetic Mat to its ProTech™ product line. Designed with strong round-raised magnets, the 12” x 16” purple silicone Magnetic Mat helps prevent items from falling, allowing healthcare professionals to grasp for easy removal. Intended to be utilized as a hands-free “neutral-zone” sharps transfer area, the reusable waterproof mat conforms to all ...

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TBJ’s new Scope Pre-Cleaning sink product line provides a comprehensive, integrated flexible endoscope pre-cleaning system that greatly improves the speed of endoscope reprocessing.  Features integrated in to the sink include leak testing, automatic sink bowl filling, precision chemical dosing, automated channel flushing with pulsating fluid technology and a data management system. An optional barcode scanner reduces the time to input ...

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Faster results enable hospitals to test every single cycle to confirm sterility

IRVINE, Calif., June 21, 2017  — Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) today announced it has received FDA clearance for its 30-minute STERRAD VELOCITY™ Biological Indicator (BI) System. By reducing the time it takes to get results, from several hours to 30 minutes, this new enhancement to the company’s complete sterilization ecosystem gives hospitals the opportunity to raise their standard of care by ...

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