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The products and information below are provided as a service by EndoPro Magazine. These are by no means an endorsement of any product or service and are provided to you as information that may be beneficial to you in your position.

Beard Nets

Healthmark Industries is excited to introduce the Beard Net to its Personal Protection Equipment Accessory Line. Manufactured from polypropylene, the single-use Beard Net is latex-free and designed to cover beards to limit as a source of possible contamination. The Beard Net is a one size fits most, colored white and available for purchase in a pack of one hundred. Visit ...

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New Anti-Fatigue Mat

Healthmark Industries is delighted to introduce the Anti-Fatigue Mat to its Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) product line.  Manufactured from energy-return polyurethane foam, the black 0.75-Inch thick Anti-Fatigue Mat is designed for healthcare workers in reprocessing areas to help reduce fatigue and discomfort from standing for long hours. Eco-friendly and providing ergonomic comfort, the Anti-Fatigue Mat has a stain and puncture-resistant ...

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New Shaver Leak Tester

Healthmark Industries is excited to announce the addition of the Shaver Leak Tester to its ProSys™ Instrument Care product line.  The Shaver Leak Tester is specifically designed for pressure testing arthroscopic shavers in order to help identify leaks caused by failing seals. These seals degrade over time from repeated use and processing. The Shaver Leak Tester includes both a hand ...

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Healthmark Offers New Wellness Screens

Healthmark is pleased to announce the Wellness Screens to its Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) product line.  These easy-to-build Wellness Screens provide a layer of protection and act as a physical barrier between individuals while allowing complete visibility, as well as pass-through access to the other side. Manufactured from clear acrylic, the chemically resistant Wellness Screens are equipped with acrylic feet ...

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New EndoPro-Cam®

Healthmark is pleased to announce the addition of the EndoPro-Cam® to its ProSys™ Optical Inspection product line.  Designed for evaluating the condition of rigid endoscopes, the EndoPro-Cam® is a portable endoscopic video system providing 1080p high-resolution HD imagining that assists healthcare workers with inspection of their facilities’ rigid scope to check if their device is damaged.  Manufactured for visual inspection ...

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