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Wassenburg Medical Dry320 Drying Cabinet

Nurse placing scope into cabinet

Optimum drying process Endoscopes in our drying cabinets are stored in a vertical hanging position, allowing gravity to facilitate the drying process. Vertical hanging is recommended in endoscope manufacturer’s guidelines and is in compliance with the recommendations of the ESGE-ESGENA guideline 939. Extended storage Our drying cabinets guarantee a controlled and safe storage preserving the washed and disinfected state of ...

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New Ventaire™ Scope Drying and Tracking Cabinet

InnerSpace, a Solaire Medical Company, today announced the launch of its Ventaire Scope Drying and Tracking Cabinet. Ventaire provides real-time tracking capabilities, online scope monitoring and features an automated system that continuously delivers HEPA-filtered pressurized air into endoscope channels to keep scopes dry and avoid reprocessing. In addition to displaying real-time tracking information like storage durations and expiration times, the ...

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Adapters to Test Light Cord Integrity

Healthmark Industries is delighted to introduce the Light Cord Adapters to its ProSys™ Instrument Care product line.  Designed to connect light cords to a light source for inspection, the Light Cord Adapters assist healthcare workers with testing the integrity of light cords for intensity of light and fiber optic damage. Simply, choose the appropriate light cord adapter, attach to the ...

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Beard Nets

Healthmark Industries is excited to introduce the Beard Net to its Personal Protection Equipment Accessory Line. Manufactured from polypropylene, the single-use Beard Net is latex-free and designed to cover beards to limit as a source of possible contamination. The Beard Net is a one size fits most, colored white and available for purchase in a pack of one hundred. Visit ...

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New Anti-Fatigue Mat

Healthmark Industries is delighted to introduce the Anti-Fatigue Mat to its Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) product line.  Manufactured from energy-return polyurethane foam, the black 0.75-Inch thick Anti-Fatigue Mat is designed for healthcare workers in reprocessing areas to help reduce fatigue and discomfort from standing for long hours. Eco-friendly and providing ergonomic comfort, the Anti-Fatigue Mat has a stain and puncture-resistant ...

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