Healthmark Industries Launches New Program Expanding its PPE Accessory Line to Help Alleviate Child Anxiety in the Hospital Environment

Healthmark Industries is delighted to introduce the Healthmark + Avanti Hospital Décor Program expanding its Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) accessory line. The Healthmark + Avanti Décor Program is designed to help alleviate stress and bring smiles to young patients in healthcare facilities with bright colors and playful animal characters from the popular line of Avanti Press greeting card images. The new program offers Wall & Ceiling Decals, Single Use & Reusable Scrub Caps, and Stickers. 

The Wall Decals can be easily installed on any smooth wall to display various fun images throughout your facility. Made of thick, high-grade vinyl – the material resists tears, rips, and fading. Available for individual purchase, the removable & reusable Wall Decals are 24 x 36 inches in size. Choose from 15 images to create a fun atmosphere. 

The Ceiling Decals are the perfect way to alleviate anxiety in procedure rooms, patient rooms, hallways, or anywhere else where a fun surprise on the ceiling might be a welcomed distraction during a stressful time. Available for individual purchase, the Ceiling Decals are easy to install and can be applied to existing 24 x 24-inch ceiling tiles throughout your facility. 

The Single Use & Reusable Scrub Caps are intended to provide a friendly distraction and an opportunity for fun conversation while following industry guidelines for headwear. Scrub Caps are one-size-fits-most and include a tie-back closure. Choose one of seven characters and a hat style: Single Use (Box of 100) and Reusable (Each). 

The Stickers can be worn on your clothing or placed on items throughout a facility, such as IV Bags. All stickers are 3-inch circles with 10 fun characters to choose from. They’re a great way for your staff to add a little fun to their scrubs and other PPE, or to give to brave patients as a badge of courage! 

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