ASGE’s theme for National Colorectal Cancer Month

The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE) is partnering with kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®) again this year to ask people age 50 and older to embrace colorectal cancer (CRC) screening as part of their wellness plan.

ASGE represents the doctors who specialize in endoscopy and colon cancer screening. The 2017 partnership is a part of ASGE’s public outreach initiatives for National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (NCRCAM) in March.

Colon cancer kills approximately 50,000 people each year, but it doesn’t have to. Many of those deaths could be prevented with earlier detection. Women are at equal risk as men for colon cancer. Colonoscopy screening for colon (or colorectal) cancer is particularly valuable because it allows the doctor to find polyps – growths in the colon or rectum that may become cancer – and remove them before the polyps have the opportunity to turn into cancer.

ASGE members know that people often find the prospect of a colonoscopy daunting, particularly the first time. But with a little preparation and support, it doesn’t have to be a big deal. So this year, ASGE’s message for NCRCAM is simply: “Prep, Scope, Live.”

“We know that getting a colonoscopy is no one’s favorite activity. But we see so many patients who are so happy once they’ve had it done. And screening has the potential to save thousands of lives each year,” said ASGE President Kenneth R. McQuaid, MD, FASGE. “Of all of the things we do once we turn 50, getting screened for colorectal cancer is not the most difficult. Your healthcare team will support you. So please– buddy up with a friend and plan to drive each other to your colonoscopy appointments this year, and get it on the calendar.”

New public service ads featuring Honorary ASGE Foundation Trustee Kathy Ireland will be broadcast nationwide throughout March. They direct viewers to ASGE’s colon cancer awareness website, The site offers visitors a wealth of information including facts about colon cancer and screening options, what to expect during a colonoscopy, answers to frequently asked questions, links to patient support and advocacy groups, informational videos, and how to find a qualified gastrointestinal endoscopist.

Prep. Scope. Live!

CRC is considered a silent killer because often there are no symptoms until it is too late to treat. Age is the single most important risk factor for the disease, so even people who lead a healthy lifestyle can still develop polyps and cancer.  While colonoscopy is the most thorough test, and the only one that can prevent cancer by allowing for removal of polyps, there are other screening methods, including fecal occult blood test and flexible sigmoidoscopy.  All men and women age 50 or over should talk with their doctor about the colon cancer screening method that is best for them. CRC is preventable, treatable and beatable!

ASGE is an active participant in the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable (NCCRT) and supports the “80 by 2018” initiative, which aims to have 80 percent of adults age 50 and over-screened for CRC by the year 2018.

Kathy Ireland, CEO and Chief Designer of her namesake firm, has been named by UCLA as one of the Top 10 Women’s Health Advocates, and is celebrated for her philanthropic activism and funding, working vigorously for the care and treatment of Downes disease, ADL, and in the war against HIV/AIDS. She is an Ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and also works to bring attention and funding to other health issues including her mother’s annual 30-mile walk for breast cancer research. Kathy is, as well, a powerful activist for veterans, global poverty eradication, education and family issues, with a specific focus on women, children and families. She is an Ambassador for YWCA Greater of Los Angeles and works closely with the organization to end human trafficking. She has been working with ASGE on the campaign for colorectal cancer screening and prevention since 2014.


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